BellaGel Micro

Elastic touch and natural silhouette
with Dodream BellaGel Micro

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 1 hour

  • Anesthetizing Method

    General anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment

    3~4 times including follow-up

  • Recovery Period

    3~4 days

What is BellaGel Micro?

The product uses gel with outstanding liquidity and viscoelasticity to realize the silhouette of real breasts, and the responsibility of the surgical result is also clear thanks to surgery exclusively
by Dr. Song Jae-yong (Director).

BellaGel Micro

BellaGel Micro is Micro-Texture type of artificial breast prosthesis
with fine and smooth surface, and the advantages of the existing round
and tear drop prosthesis are reflected actively to realize both smooth
touch and natural silhouette.

#Natural Movement, #Safe Design, #Touch like Real Breasts, #Minimum Incision, #Safety

What is Micro-Texture?

The prosthesis has the advantages of both smooth-type and general texture-type.
The fine bump and body-friendly surface prevents various side effects and capsular contracture, and it is convenient to position the prosthesis to enable the use on patients with narrow chest.

Patients subjected for BellaGel Micro

  • 01

    Patients who wish to experience more outstanding and soft
    touch compared to
    other prostheses

  • 02

    Those who want natural volume like real breasts

  • 03

    Asians who have narrow chest compared
    to Western people

  • 04

    Patients with limitation in breast surgery due to the body type

Characteristics of BellaGel Micro

Safe BellaGel


Thin Patch Design


Smooth Type: 5 Layers composition
Smooth Type: 6 Layers composition


Raw material satisfying the ISO 14949
International Standard

Orientation Mark

Raw materials satisfying the ISO 14949 International Standard, certification from strict European Sales Qualification of CE, and approval from MFDS (Ministry of Food & Drug Safety)


Multi-layer of special surface treatment to minimize the occurrence of capsular contracture


Side effects are minimized thanks to almost no movement or no rotation of the prosthesis.

Hig Performance Barrier Layer

Among the multi-layers, the Barrier Layer is manufactured thickly and in uniform to prevent leakage of gel.

BellaGel Texturing

The uneven texturing on the BellaGel surface enables the prosthesis and the breast tissue to be combined naturally to reduce the risk of capsular contracture, and prevents unnecessary movement of the prosthesis.


Tissue adhesion is enabled quickly for fast recovery and natural touch & movement.

Safety of BellaGel Micro


Adhesion with the breast tissue is natural, and quick recovery is possible after the surgery.


Safe & reliable official prosthesis approved by KFDA


European CE is acquired for the first time in Asia based on domestic clinical tests, and the global standard of product is exported.


Minimization of side-effects such as capsular contracture, rippling deformity, etc.

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