Sagging Breast Reduction

Breasts sagging without elasticity?
Anti-aging with Dodream Sagging Breast Reduction!

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 3 hours

  • Anesthetizing Method

    General anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment

    3~4 times

  • Recovery Period

    3~4 days

What is Sagging Breast Reduction?

Patients who have concerns from sagging breasts with less elasticity and large breasts inappropriate for body type are considered both in terms of aesthetic and functional aspects to perform the breast surgery.
Also, the responsibility of the surgical result is clear at Dodream thanks to the surgery exclusively by Dr. Song Jae-yong (Director).

Cause of Sagging Breasts


Innate individual


Loss of elasticity
from aging




Rapid decrease
in body weight


Effect from frequent pregnancy.

Diagnosis of Sagging Breasts

The degree of sagging breast is in the standard of the lower line of the breasts, and it is distinguished by the location of the nipples.
In Dodream Plastic Surgery, the surgical method differs depending on the level of sagging to enable effective surgery.


Nipples are 4~5cm above the lower line of the breasts.

A-Grade mastoptosis

Nipples are 1cm or less below the lower line of the breasts.

B-Grade mastoptosis

Nipples are 1~3cm below the lower line of the breasts.

C-Grade mastoptosis

Nipples are 3cm or more above the lower line of the breasts.

Correction Method of Sagging Breasts

Prosthetic Insertion

The prosthesis is inserted for volume and to improve the sagging of the breasts. This method is appropriate for slightly sagging breasts and lack of volume.

Incision around the Areola

In this surgical method, breast size is not changed, and only the sagging breasts are corrected. Incision is performed around the areola to have minimum scars, and the operation time is short to have fast recovery.

Reverse T-incision

In this method, around the areola and the lower part are performed with reverse T-incision to be appropriate for extreme hypertrophy of breasts and severe sagging. Great amount of glandular tissue and skin are reduced to life the position of the nipples into their normal position.

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