Body Figure Correction &
Obesity Control at the Same Time!

  • Operating Time

    Approx. 1~2 hours

  • Anesthetizing Method

    Sleeping & General anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment

    2~3 times

  • Recovery Period

    1 day after surgery

  • Stitch Removal

    After 7 days

What is Dodream Liposuction?

Dodream Plastic Surgery plans and performs the
surgery according to the individual body figure
such as the abdomen, thigh and forearm that are easily accumulated with fat.

The operating surgeon with long experience in
liposuction for each part of the body performs
the surgery to be responsible for the beautiful body
line and safe surgery.

Self-diagnosis of Obesity

  • There is family obesity in parents or brothers & sisters.

  • There is discomfort from uneven fat on the back, flank and abdomen.

  • The face looks big due to the excessive fat on the cheek and double chin.

  • Skirt cannot be worn due to thick thigh.

  • Short sleeves and sleeveless shirts cannot be worn due to sagging fat on the arms.

  • Elephant calves and ankles are stressful.

  • It is difficult to bend forward due to lower abdomen.

Characteristics of Dodream Liposuction

Individual customized correction possible
according to the preferred part of the body


Ideal body figure maintained
without yo-yo effect


Overall size reduction
on the liposuction site


Smooth skin without unevenness


Patients subjected to Liposuction

  • 01

    Patients with high
    amount of overall fat

  • 02

    High amount of fat in specific part of the body

  • 03

    No response to
    general diet

  • 04

    Repetitive yo-yo effect

  • 05

    Patients who wish to have correction effect of body type in short period

  • 06

    Patients with stress in
    joints due to obesity or discomfort in exercise
    and movement

  • 07

    Patients that require management due to
    uneven skin

Surgical Procedure of Liposuction


Skin elasticity, fat amount for removal and precise surgical part of the body are checked before the operation.


Body level is measured and body composition is tested for design.


Liposuction tube is inserted after sleeping anesthesia (Incision line is less than 5mm in places covered by skin wrinkle).


Lipolysis liquid is injected to suck the fat and the liquid.


Suction is enabled after sufficient amount of time for lipolysis effect.


High-frequency treatment for relieving the swelling after the surgery

Dodream B&F