• Operation Time

    Approx. 1 hour

  • Anesthetizing Method

    General anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Hospital Treatment

    3~4 times including follow-up

  • Recovery Period

    3~4 days

What is Motiva Breast Surgery
by Dodream Plastic Surgery

The shape of the prosthesis is changed in balance and naturally according to the gravity when lying down or when standing to create natural feeling in any posture.
Also, the responsibility on the surgical result
is clear thanks to operation exclusively by
Dr. Song Jae-yong (Director).

Motiva Prosthesis

Motiva is a new-concept of prosthesis that creates natural feeling
in any posture by changing naturally according to the gravity.
Also, it has excellent elasticity which can greatly reduce
the incision site during surgery.

#Excellent Touch, #Minimum Incision, #Quick Recovery, #Shape like Real Breasts

Patients subjected to Motiva Breast Surgery

  • 01

    Patients who wish to experience excellent
    touch compared
    to other prosthesis

  • 02

    Patients who wish to
    have natural volume like real breasts

  • 03

    Patients who wish to
    return to everyday life quickly after operation

  • 04

    Patients considering revision surgery due to capsular contracture
    and rippling deformity

Characteristics of Motiva Breast Surgery

Natural Shape in Any Posture

Motiva prosthesis

Motiva prosthesis uses high-tech silicone gel with ergonomic method to have the characteristic of natural change according to the gravity.
Motiva prosthesis spreads in round shape while lying down, and changes into water drop shape while standing up

Excellent Feeling compared to other prostheses

The method of enhancing the cohesion between molecules on the Cohesive Gel is the patented technology exclusive in Motiva prosthesis.

The viscosity is reinforced, so the elasticity and strength are superior compared to existing prostheses. Also, it has a thin film, and outstanding touch is enabled based on ergonomic design.

Safety of Motive Prosthesis


Blue Seal

The outer film of Motiva prosthesis has Blue Seal that verifies the product safety. This refers to the supplementary layer on the outer film of the prosthesis, which plays the role of clearly reducing the rupture and deformation, and minimizes the spread of gel into other parts to greatly reduce the possibility of capsular contracture.


UDI (Unique Distinguishing Instrument)

Motiva prosthesis is embedded with UDI to verify the information of the prosthesis without restriction of time and space. UDI chip is not lost, or its location does not change, so it is a cutting-edge technology that is guaranteed of patient’s safety & reliability.

Dodream X Motiva

Is successful breast surgery possible just by using Motiva Prosthesis?

Motiva breast surgery by Dodream is performed exclusively by one director, so the responsibility of the surgical result is clear. Surgery is performed in accordance to the cutting-edge prosthesis through high-tech equipment and professional surgical method, and in the case of having prosthetic rupture or revision surgery, Dodream provides the premium service with maximum of 5-year expense.

Characteristics of Motiva Breast Surgery


Natural shape like
real breasts


Excellent touch compared
to other prostheses


Minimum incision to
enable quick recovery


Minimization of side-effects
such as capsular contracture
and rippling deformity, etc.

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