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Tapling type externalities are very important to protect your personal information. The personal information provided by you is used in some way and in some use.

I am informing you of what action is being taken for

[Agreement to Personal Information Collection]

Tapling type externalities notify you of the privacy policy or terms of use when registering a member, and when you click the sign - up button, you agree to collect personal information.

[The purpose of personal information collection and utilization]

Tapling surgery collects personal information for the following purposes.

- Sign up members for tapping surgery and affiliate site services and issue ID

- Implementation of the service (related to the delivery and booking of mail, such as prizes)

- Personalized service for the failure handling and individual members

- Collect statistics on service use

- Other, new services and information

However, it does not collect sensitive personal information that is feared to violate the basic human rights of users.

Tapling surgery collects additional information by the user's will to provide a richer service within the above scope.

[Personal items collected]

The tapping surgery department collects the following personal information for membership registration, consultation and service application.

- Collection items: name, date of birth, sex, login ID, password, home phone number, home phone number, home phone number, email, service history, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment history

- Personal information collection method: website (members registration, bulletin boards, online consultation, online booking, etc.)

Personal information collection by cookies

Knocking surgery uses 'cookie' to store and retrieve information about you. Cookies can help you find a website

A small amount of information sent to . When you log on to the website, the patty-type surgery web server reads the contents of the cookies in your browser, and your additional information is available on your computer. 

The service can be provided without additional input such as ID. Cookies identify your computer, but they do not personally identify you.

You also have a choice of cookies. By adjusting the options in your web browser, you can either accept all cookies, send a notification when cookies are installed, or you can add all cookies. 

You have the option to deny.

[Provisions of third parties to personal information]

Tapling surgery uses your personal information to the extent specified in <Analysis Purpose and Use Purpose of Personal Information> and uses or provides it to others or other companies/ institutions. 

No, but your personal information may be provided to affiliates or shared with affiliates for better service delivery. However, if personal information is provided or shared, 

We will notify you in advance.

[Viewing personal information / correction]

You may view or correct your personal information registered at any time. To read or edit personal information, click [Modify member information] to open it or 

Correct or contact the person in charge of personal information management via E-mail to take action.

If you request for correction of personal information errors, you will not use the personal information until the correction has been completed.

[Agreement to Personal Information Collection, Utilization and Supply]

You may withdraw what you agreed to collect, use, and provide personal information through membership registration at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall be made to the website and the personal information management officer, E-

If you contact us by mail, we will immediately take necessary measures such as the deletion of personal information.

[Personal data retention period and period of use]

Your personal information will be destroyed when the purpose of personal information collection or receiving it is achieved as follows:

- In case of membership information, the member's membership is removed or removed from the membership

- In case of reservation, when processing and medical treatment according to reservation is completed

If it is necessary to keep it despite the above retention period, we accept your consent.

[Technical measures for personal information protection]

To ensure safety that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, modified, or damaged in handling your personal information, the tapping surgery company has implemented the following technical measures.

It's you.

Your personal information is protected by your password, and your sensitive data is protected by a separate security function using the Encrypting File and Transfer Data or File Lock function (Lock).


Tapling surgery uses authentication and security system that can safely transmit personal information on a network using member authentication and related password algorithm

The medical institution implements a medical check by the assistant.

To prevent leakage of your personal information by hacking, we use a device that blocks intrusion from outside. In each server, we install an intrusion detection system for 24 hours. 

We're monitoring it.

[Reception and complaints]

The patty department has a window where you can make comments and complaints regarding privacy. If you have a complaint about your personal information, please refer to the personal information of tapping surgery. 

If you give your opinion to the person in charge of management, we will take action as soon as we receive it and notify you of the result.

[Protection Policy for Children under 14]

Tapsing surgery does not share personal information with a third party without the consent of parents and does not sell or borrow information about users

It's you.

[Personal Information Management Manager]

The tapping surgery department designates the person in charge of personal information policy in charge of collecting opinions and complaints about personal information. If you have any complaints about this policy, please follow: 

If you contact us, we'll treat you kindly.

[Director of Privacy Policy]

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Date of enforcement

This Privacy Policy is effective 26 October 2010.

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