Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting

Natural & Firm Elasticity! Dramatic Result in combination of Elasticum and Face Lift!

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 1 hour

  • Anesthetizing Method

    Sleeping anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharge on the day of operation

  • Stitch Removal

    After 7 days

  • Recovery Period

    After 7 days

Dodream Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting

Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting by Dodream Plastic surgery is a lifting procedure by
combining the special elastic band of Elasticum and face lift.

There are almost no scars from minimum incision for quick recovery, and elastic band and face lift are
used for lifting effect, so clear procedural results can be expected.

What is Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting?

Elasticum Lifting

Minimum scar,
quick recovery

Face Lift

Minimum scar,
Clear lifting effect

Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting

Dramatic effect

Minimum incision on the temple or behind the ear depending on the patient

Nasolabial Line

Sagging Cheek

Neck Wrinkles, Double-chin

Chin Line

Characteristics of Lifting on Nasolabial Line & Sagging Cheeks

Minimum incision is enabled on the back of the ear for almost no scars.
Elasticum elastic band is used for pulling, and then the remaining skin is removed for dramatic effect.

What is Elasticum?

Elasticum is an elastic band thread that is acknowledged as the internationally patented (PCT) technology and directly
developed by the Italian plastic surgeon and global expert on reconstructive surgery of Dr. Sergio Capurro.


Smooth & elastic
special band is used.


Natural movement and recovery of elasticity
are possible.


There is almost no
discomfort in muscle
movement or less
feeling of foreign


Quick recovery is possible,
and natural and firm
elasticity are

Patients subjected to Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting


Patients who aren’t satisfied
with the results of existing
thread lifting surgery


Patient who want overall
improvement of wrinkles
and elasticity on
the face


Patients with sagging
cheeks after facial bone
contouring and
Bimaxillary Surgery


Patient who feel pressure on
incision-type lifting


Patients with serious nasolabial
lines or deep wrinkles from
sagging skin

Characteristics of Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting

For minimum incision elastic lifting, the band (Elasticum) made from special materials and manufactured in Italy is used.
Unlike general hard threads used in existing thread lifting, Elasticum has natural movement and elasticity like real ligament to create firm elasticity.

Italian Special Band

Stable Tissue Connection


Elasticum is micro-silicone wrapped with polyester, so autologous tissue enters the space between bands to have stable tissue connection.

Existing Thread Lifting vs Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting


Existing Thread Lifting Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting
Surgical Method Projection thread or general lifting thread is inserted for pulling Special band is inserted into the subcutaneous layer with the fundamental cause of wrinkles for treatment.
Additional Effect None Remaining skin is removed for secondary lifting effect.
Duration Several Months 5 or more years
Characteristics Dissolved completely within the body after certain period, and consistent revision surgery is required. Like real ligament, the facial expressions are natural with excellent elasticity according to the movement of the facial muscles.

Advantages of Minimum Incision Elastic Lifting

Strong elasticity

Strong elasticity enables natural facial movement.

Quick recovery

There is almost no tissue damage due to minimum incision, and quick recovery is enabled.

Long duration

Unlike existing thread lifting, non-absorptive threads that do not melt enable long
lasting effect of fixation within the tissue.

Powerful wrinkle improvement effect

Like real ligament, the threads are stretched and reduced according to the movement of the facial muscles
for natural changes in expression, and clear wrinkle improvement effect is shown compared to the existing
thread lifting.

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