Fat Grafting

3D Volume increased with engraftment and natural facial rejuvenation effect

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 1 hour

  • Anesthetizing Method

    Sleeping anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharge on the day of operation

  • Stitch Removal

    After 7 days

  • Recovery Period

    After 7 days

Dodream Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting by Dodream Plastic Surgery uses the unnecessary fat that is accumulated to be injected on the face or preferred parts of the body. The surgery is planned and performed to enable dimensional face and body.

What is Dodream PRP Fat Grafting?

Dodream PRP Fat Grafting

Fat is collected from parts with unnecessary fat such as the abdomen or the thigh,

and pure fat is extracted from a high-tech centrifugal separator to be injected on the face.

Surgical Site of Dodream PRP Fat Grafting


Forehead: When the forehead is flat or with partial dent, or when the eyebrow bone is protruding to be a concern

Natural volume completed, and dimensional line to the nasal bridge


Frontal Cheekbone: Hollow below the eyes or on the frontal cheekbone

Volume is improved to complete overall lively & bright impression.


Cheek: Uneven facial line due to lack of fat on the cheek

Facial rejuvenating effect through lively & elastic facial line


Nasolabial Line: When the nasolabial lines are getting deeper through age, and when the cheeks look separated from around the lips

Hollow parts are filled to remove the nasolabial lines to complete bright impression.


Chin: Asymmetry, short chin, etc.

Fat is injected to complete smooth and balanced line.

Characteristics of Dodream PRP Fat Grafting

Professional procedural method focused on the engraftment
  • Fat collection from the part with high engraftment
  • Fat with high purity is refined by using a high-tech centrifugal separator.
  • PRP (Autologous Serum) is mixed to the refined pure fat to be combined.
  • Special fine fat grafting tube is used to inject the fat exquisitely to multi-layers.
  • Fat left after grafting is stored by quick chilling for additional grafting after 2~3 months.

Extension of Maintenance Period through Professional Equipment & Technology

General Fat Grafting
Most of the grafted fat is absorbed for low engraftment.
There are concerns of uneven skin surface.
Maintenance period is extended only through multiple grafting.
Dodream PRP Fat Grafting
Fat is injected into multi-layers through the needle-sized special grafting tube, so there are no concerns of uneven skin surface, and the engraftment is high.
Contact with air is completely blocked on the fat from the collection to injection to enable high-purity fat grafting.
Autologous serum is used to minimize any side effects, and the maintenance period of the fat grafting is long.

Advantages of Dodream PRP Fat Grafting


High engraftment!


Increase in skin elasticity!


Increase in 3D volume!


Quick recovery time!

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