MACS Lifting

Powerful lifting effect up to the jawline!

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 1~2 hours

  • Anesthetizing Method

    Sleeping anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

    Discharge on the day of operation

  • Stitch Removal

    After 7~14 days

  • Recovery Period

    After 7 days

Dodream MACS Lifting

MACS Lifting by Dodream Plastic Surgery enables wrinkle care and skin elasticity for powerful lifting effect to be appropriate for patients preferring clear wrinkle improvement effect.

What is MACS Lifting?

MACS Lifting

When the skin is excessively sagging due to aging, powerful improvement is required
on the overall facial wrinkles.

Wrinkles are improved, and the skin elasticity is also increased by tugging even the
subcutaneous muscle layer of SMAS layer to show dramatic effect of lifting.

Patients subjected to MACS Lifting


Patients preferring an improvement on the overall facial wrinkles


When the skin is seriously sagging on the central facial area due to aging


When the skin is seriously sagging to have difficulty in wrinkle care just by thread lifting or laser lifting


Patients who wish to have permanent and clear wrinkle improvement

Surgical Method of MACS Lifting


Design on incision site in front of the ear


Incision through the frontal part of the ear for SMAS fascia lifting


Other tissues and muscles are pulled to be fixed, and the incision site is sutured.

Key Point in MACS Lifting

What is SMAS?

SMAS is a muscle layer located 4.5mm under the skin, and refers to the skin layer which fundamentally causes wrinkles.

Our cheek is composed of skin and SMAS, and these two are connected with strong fiber septum. Due to this structure, simply pulling the skin does not help improve the facial wrinkles, but the skin must be pulled strongly along with the structure called SMAS to be fixed firmly.

Powerful Lifting Effect

Dodream MACS Lifting does not simply pull the skin, but pull the soft tissue layer including the SMAS layer by separating into the skin layer, fat layer and muscle layer.

This method of lifting not only improves the facial wrinkles, but also enhances skin elasticity.

Advantages of MACS Lifting

The fundamental cause of facial wrinkles is solved to expect clear
improvement on the wrinkles.

Slim facial line can be competed without carving the bones.

The recovery period is short thanks to minimum incision.

Repetitive procedures are not required thanks to semi-permanent effect.

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