Double Adhesion

Once is not enough! Powerful effect through double adhesion!

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 30 min

  • Anesthetizing Method

    Short-term sleeping & local anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    No removal depending on the patient or removal after 2~3 days

  • Hospital Treatment

    2 times

  • Recovery Period

    After 3~4 days

What is Dodream Double Adhesion?

Instead of creating the line by depending on the strength of the
thread like existing double-eyelid surgery, 2 special threads
are used for double adhesion of once on the eyelid
plate and another on the fascia.

Patients subjected to Double Adhesion


Patients who prefer natural
shape of the eyes without
signs of surgery


Those who prefer no traces
of surgery even when
the eyes are closed


Patients who want quick
recovery after surgery


Patients who require revision
surgery due to loosening
of existing knot


Patients with thin
eyelids with almost
no drooping

Characteristics of Dodream Double Adhesion

POINT01. Special threads used

Existing Investing Method

Knot is made through 3~4 grooves with one thread. Double-eyelid is loosened relatively easily

Dodream Double Adhesion Method

Two special threads are used to complete the line through dense grooves. The knot is firm and rarely loosened.

POINT02. Fixed once more on the fascia

Existing Investing Method

Line is fixed only through the eyelid plate. The fixation is weak to be seen faintly.

Dodream Double Adhesion Method

Double fixation on the eyelid plate and fascia Firm fixation and clear line

POINT03 Clean line even when the eyes are closed


Existing Investing Method

Line is uneven when the eyes are closed after the double-eyelid surgery. Unnatural, and the traces of surgery is visible.

The surgical thread is not adhered appropriately to be shown when
the eyes are closed.

Dodream Double Adhesion Method

The knot is tight thanks to dense incision plate configuration and additional fixation on the fascia.

There are almost no traces of surgery for natural look even when the eyes are closed.

Two special threads thinner than hair are used to enhance the natural adhesive power, and there is almost no showing.

Existing Double-Eyelid Surgery vs Double Adhesion Method


Existing Investing Method Double Adhesion Method
Surgical Method Knot is completed through 3~4 incision plates. Double fixation on the eyelid plate and muscle for opening the eyes to induce powerful and natural adhesion
Possibility of Line Loosening There is possibility of line loosening due to depending only on the strength of the knot. Strong line fixation from powerful double adhesion effect
Surgical Material Non-absorbable medical thread Special thread for double adhesion developed by Dr. Lee Sung-hwan, director of Dodream Plastic Surgery (2 threads)
Recovery Period Can return to everyday life after 3~4 days Can return to everyday life after 3~4 days

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