Dodream Hair Implanter and Slit is

As a implanter, each feature's advanage is different.
We carefully check the process of hair loss, scalp
condition, hair condition and density, and then precede
the operation. Using the tools that match the type of
hair loss without sticking to one surgical tool,
customized implants produce an optimal result.

Hair Implanter & Slit

Hair Implanter

It is a surgical method that can shorten the operation time

  • Safe and hygienic surgery with disposable hair implanter

  • Using self-contained implanter to match the size of hair

  • Expert specialist hair follicle separates without damage


It is a safe operation method that minimizes the
stimulation of the scalp by creating a spot for the
hair follicle to be implanted.

  • High transplant survival rate. 80%~90% density

  • Experienced staff creates a tight slit to match the size

  • Transplanted into the center of follicle to produce abundance hair

Dodream can tell the difference.

  • 01

    From counseling to
    surgery responsible care

  • 02

    Reasonable price
    without overpriced

  • 03

    High surgery
    concentration annual
    medical conference

  • 04

    Many years of surgery
    experience to make
    high survival