Rhinoplasty for Each Type

Various nasal types are diagnosed for planning and performing the surgery!

  • Operation Time

    Approx. 1 hour

  • Anesthetizing Method

    Sleeping anesthesia

  • Hospital Treatment

    2~3 times

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day of operation

  • Stitch Removal

    After 7 days

  • Recovery Period

    After 5~7 days

Dodream Hooked Nose

Hooked nose is a nose with excessive growth of the nasal bone to have the nasal bridge protruding or a nose of which the nasal bone is partially lowered from injury to show other nasal bones protruding, making a tough impression.

  • Middle part of the nasal bridge protruding

  • Uneven nasal bridge from the front and the side due to the protruding nasal bone

  • Discomfort in breathing or frequent nasal congestion due to the protruding nasal bone

Surgical Method

Supplementation after removing the protruding nasal bone

The protruding nasal bone is fractured or special equipment is used to grind the protruding part easily.
If the grinding part is too flat, nasal prosthesis is supplemented for smooth nasal bridge.

Dodream B&F